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Bird's nest in your dryer vent?

Birds and their nests are reminders of spring and summer's arrival but… just not in your dryer vent! So how do you get birds and their nest out of your dryer vent? Here's what you need to do to safely and humanely remove the nest without doing harm:

1. Research

Visit the Department of Fish and Wildlife website to get information about nest removal from your local State Fish and Game Department

2. Timing

If you have a nesting bird in a dryer vent, the best time to remove a nest is mid-day when the birds are mos

t likely to be away from the site. Birds hunt throughout the day and are less likely to be in the nest than they are in the early morning or evening hours.

3. Clean

How to get birds out of dryer vents: Professional dryer vent cleaning will rid your vent of any debris left behind by the birds and their babies.

You should not rely on turning on a dryer to drive birds out of a dryer vent. The left-behind nesting material can cause a fire hazard. If the nest clogs the vent, condensation can quickly build up into mold. Instead, the birds and their nest will need to be physically removed from the vent.

4. Prevent

You can prevent future nesting birds in dryer vents.

Install the proper vent cover. Louvres on the dryer vent cover open when the dryer is blowing air out through the vent cover and they close when not in use preventing any unwanted intrusions.

  • Regular yearly dryer vent cleaning will insure that your vent cover is functioning properly. If lint is built up on the outside vent cover it can fail to close properly.

More info? Who you gonna call? Lint Busters!

Contact us for an estimate or to schedule an appointment for a professional dryer vent cleaning.

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