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How do I know if my dryer vent is clogged?

Your clothes don’t come out dry

After your clothes run through a dryer cycle, they may still come out a little damp. This is because a dryer vent is designed to push out hot moist air, but vents clogged with lint makes the moist air stay inside the dryer.

There’s a musty smell coming from your dryer

Mold and mildew can form in your dryer vent line when moisture can’t exit the dryer due to a clog.

Condensation forms on walls and ceilings around your dryer

When moist air can’t escape through your dryer vent line, then it will go somewhere else. If not back inside the dryer, it will escape into your laundry room, causing condensation to form on your walls and ceiling.

A burning smell is coming from your dryer

Most likely lint inside the vent line or dryer housing is getting burnt if you can smell it. If this is the case, this is a fire hazard and you should stop using your dryer IMMEDIATELY to have it cleaned by Lint Busters MN.

Dryer exterior is hot to the touch

Your dryer can get a little warm when using it, but if it's hot to the touch after a cycle, then that means the dryer vent is not exhausting air properly.

There is lint around the door of your dryer instead of the lint trap

Lint should end up in the lint trap, but when your vent is too clogged and you don’t clean the lint trap enough, then it will end up inside and around the door of your dryer

You see lint coming out the outside vent opening

The outside vent opening is where the air from your dryer exits into the world. If you see lint around the opening, chances are, the vent system needs cleaning.

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