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Is cleaning your dryer vent worth it?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Is cleaning your dryer vent worth it?

You decide...

1. Energy efficiency

Over time, your dryer vent gets clogged with dust, lint and hair. A blocked vent won’t do its job as well. The dryer spin cycles will become less efficient and drying times will be two or three times longer than normal. Besides the increased wear and tear, your dryer will also require more electricity or gas to operate, raising your fuel bills.

2. Relative humidity regulation

Another result of a clogged dryer vent is higher indoor humidity. The lint buildup inside the dryer duct acts like a sponge, absorbing and holding moisture from the dryer, rather than letting it safely outdoors. This raises the relative humidity of the room. leading to dampness-related problems such as condensation on your windows. If untreated, the eventual result could be mold damage to your house.

3. Safety for your home and family

Clogged vents threaten your household’s safety. If you have a gas dryer it can prevent proper exhausting of carbon monoxide. Clogged dryer ducts can cause the dryer to overheat causing a dryer fire. The U.S. Fire Administration reports 100 injuries, five deaths and $35,000,000 in property loss annually from residential clothes dryer fires. The leading cause of dryer fires? Quite simply, failure to clean the dryer.

Who you gonna call? Lint Busters!

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