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What happens if you don't clean your dryer vent?

How Often Should A Dryer Vent Be Cleaned?

According to the US Fire Administration yearly dryer vent cleaning is the minimum suggested maintenance.

Factors Contributing to Ignition in Clothes Dryer Fires

  • The leading specific factor (47 percent) contributing to ignition is failure to clean. This is not surprising as proper clothes dryer maintenance to avoid a fire hazard involves removing the lint from the traps, vents, and surrounding areas of the dryer.

  • Failure to clean accounted for 72 percent of the operational deficiency. It also accounted for 34 percent of all clothes dryer fires in residential buildings.

  • Other factors contributing to ignition is mechanical failure and electrical failure. Reduced airflow resulting from lint buildup in the screen or other areas around the dryer can cause a clothes dryer to not operate efficiently and possibly overheat. Problems can also occur if improper items, such as foam-backed rugs or athletic shoes, are placed in dryers, or plastic or vinyl exhaust materials are used to vent the appliances.

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