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Why should I clean my dryer vent?

Is cleaning my dryer vent worth it?

Dryer lint is the most combustible material in your home. This makes regular and thorough cleaning of the dryer vent and ducting system critical. Lint buildup occurs in many different areas of the dryer itself in addition to the venting system. This lint buildup results in the unit having to work harder and longer to appropriately perform its function, decreasing energy efficiency and increasing the risk of fire.

The more often you use your dryer, the more often the vent line should be cleaned. If the dryer vent line is relatively long, has multiple turns or sharp turns it can be more easily clogged and should be cleaned more frequently. The fire department recommends that you have your dryer vent professionally cleaned once a year. In addition, you should clean out your dryer's lint trap after every load of laundry. ​

Having your dryer vent professionally cleaned:

Reduces your risk of dryer fire Increases your unit's efficiency Saves money on electricity Improves drying time See what we can do to improve your dryer's performance by contacting Lint Busters Dryer Vent Cleaning MN

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